Cleaning Services


There are many types of cleaning services we are providing to homeowners and other businesses. Based on our research for operations, we have segmented our cleaning services to all types of businesses from small local premises right up to corporate head offices. We also supply cleaning solutions to a wide range of clients with in the leisure sectors. For Commercial sectors we are using a wide range of cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to facilitate and expedite the cleaning process.

cleaning services oman
cleaning services oman

cleaning services oman
cleaning services oman

* Office Cleaning
* Shop Cleaning
* Showroom Cleaning
* Restaurant Cleaning
* Hotel Cleaning
* Hospital Cleaning
* Airport Cleaning
* Factory Cleaning
* Industries Cleaning
* Class Rom Cleaning
* Theatre Cleaning
* Park Cleaning
* Swimming Pool Cleaning


Window Cleaning??Services

cleaning services oman
SCS offers Window Cleaning for all types of buildings and premises using primarily water fed pole systems. We also retain the ability to provide abseil, cradle and mobile platform cleaning where required

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning??Services

cleaning services oman
We use both traditional water extraction cleaning as well as rotary mop cleaning and dry powder. We cater for both regular maintenance and specialist once off deep cleans with relevant Statements for each fabric.

Hard Floor Cleaning??Services

cleaning services
This can involve anything from buffing of a floor to bring back the shine, or stripping old floor polish & re-sealing so that you regain that deep shine effect, having hard floors maintained can keep the costs down.

Communal Cleaning??Services

cleaning services
cleaning services

We also offer a communal cleaning service for residential homes & private blocks of flats which includes keeping all communal areas landings, stairways, lounges, toilets, laundry rooms clean.

Blinds & Curtains Cleaning??Services

cleaning services
cleaning services

We offer both in situ and specialist removal cleaning services for both blinds and curtains. These range from dusting to full ultrasonic cleaning and repairs for blinds and removal, specialist cleaning and re-hanging of curtains and nets.

Surface Cleaning??Services

cleaning services
cleaning services

We perform duties like dusting, vaccuming, Washing Surfaces, mopping floors, polishing mirrors, fixtures etc for all floors including hardwood, tiles, roofs etc

Emergency Cleaning??Services

We maintain 27/7×365 self-contained emergency mobile response cleaning teams doing the following modes of cleaning

Routine Cleaning??Services

is a regular list of services which we perform in each home on a regular basis (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). This includes cleaning from top to bottom, including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and main rooms. Vacuum, clean, shine, dust, disinfect and straighten the appearance of listed rooms.

Specialized Cleaning??Services

includes everything in a routine house cleaning and specific details outlined by the client. This cleaning is perfect as a spring-cleaning, when moving in or out or as an initial cleaning before regular services. The service can include cleaning inside appliances, lighting fixtures and windows.

Customized Cleaning??Services

* All carpet areas and floors vacuumed.
* All floors washed with special attention to ceramic and marble.
* Dusting throughout.
* Basic tidying.
* Bathrooms left sparkling clean, including shower stalls.
* Verticals and Venetians, California shutters dusted.
* All mirrors and mirrored closets cleaned.
* Baseboards and window ledges dusted or washed.
* Smudge marks removed from doors and walls.
* Microwave cleaned inside and out.
* Garbage removed.
* Dishes washed.
* All appliance surfaces cleaned and shined.
* Cupboard fronts washed.